Digital Transformation are you ready?

Leverage our experience and industry leading research to delivery a comprehensive readiness assessment in 30 to 60 days.

Cloud Strategy

Create the right-sized strategy for your mission, culture, and organization…

Be One with Constant Change.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Disrupt your markets.

Evolve your culture.

Become Agile everywhere.

Engage & delight Customers. 

Transform to a Digital Enterprise.

Digital Vision and Strategy Services

The normal 3 to 5 year vision and strategy planning cycles are no longer effective.  All parts of your organization need to work in synchronicity, PORTAL is committed to collaboratively enabling customers to create and evolve their Vision and Strategy on the journey to be a Digital Enterprise.

The essence of Digital Transformation is the destruction of the static state. There is no  “New” normal. It is a fundamental change to organizational culture and behavior.  

Vision and Strategy development must be part of your Digital Transformation cadence; Changing when it is developed and how it is integrated accross your organization to enable continual evolution of  customer experience, engagement, and evangelism accross all channels (everywhere).

Organizations successfully able to embrace Digital Transformation have the advantage and can disrupt markets quickly; driving and delivering continual customer experience, business value and operating efficiencies.

Your organization’s Vision and Strategy must continually account for the constant pace of change from the introduction of disruptive products and services and the technologies they are based on including:

  • Cloud Services (Private, Public, Hybrid, Cross)
  • Machine Learning, Big Data, Cognitive Analytics, Edge Services, Location, Security
  • Intelligent Automated Infrastructure Deployment and Scaling
  • Micro Consulting Services

Capabilities and Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

PORTAL can deploy and deliver your readiness assessment and report quickly accross four dimensions: Operational Sustainability, Organizational Agility, Strategic Agility and Disruptive Culture using the only tool that analytically measures Readiness within 30-60 days. The results are analyzed in the context of the capabilities required to meet the Vision and Strategy.

Reports from Forbes, Gartner, Harvard Business Review and McKinsey say only 20% to 30% of all transformation initiatives succeed. One Third of the barriers are caused by Cultural and Behavioral Challenges.

Based on decades of experience and academic research, our research affiliate, The Institute for Digital Transformation has created the first analytical model that measures a company’s culture to endure the stress of a transformation; to see if you are ready to transform.
PORTAL’s affiliation with The Institute allows us to turn recommendations into successful programs and projects to get you ready to successfully transform into a Digital Enterprise.
Don’t be fooled into thinking new technology equals digital transformation. True Digital Transformation is the use of technology to fundamentally and continuously change the way you do business.


Discovery, Research and Modeling Services

Services to support your organization’s continuous Agile methods and processes for meeting its mission through the integration of digital technologies with business; fundamentally changing business operations and reorienting cross-functionally around Customer Experience, Products and Value Streams.

Explore, learn, innovate and leverage multi-cloud, machine learning, containers, big data, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), advanced process automation, data collection, mobile, data analytics, lakes and streams in your mission’s context.

PORTAL can help guide your research and development to align with your business and technical needs to answer your critical questions.

“What technologies, toolchains and solutions can we employ to support 500,000 mobile case workers?”

“How can we introduce and manage cross-functional product and value stream Agile teams in our organization? Can we pilot this?” What does this mean for traditional project management?

“We have tons of data that has gone through clerical cleansing. Can we reduce clerical activities by using that as training data for a machine learning model?”

“Can blockchain be used to create a competitive marketplace?”

“Technology and/or vendor lock-in has always been a concern to be avoided. Do we still need to worry about it once we move to the cloud?”

“Can I run workloads accross cloud environments?”

Some exploration will succeed and result in successful deployments, while others become lessons learned. There is no failure, just lessons, learning and results. The only way to drive positive outcomes.

Digital Transformation Services

Services to support your organization’s continuous agile process of meeting its mission through the integration of digital technologies with business; fundamentally changing business operations and reorienting cross-functionally around Customer Experience, Products and Value Streams.

Perform your comprehensive readiness assessment and address it’s findings.

Create your initial mission focused, outcome driven Vision and Strategy.

Don’t get sidelined into vendors telling you that simply installing or adopting their hardware, platforms or software will make you a Digital Enterprise.

Understand the differences between the Digital Transformation Cycle, and the Digital Services Cycle. Becoming a Digital Enterprise means evolving to master both in the context of your mission.

Do you have questions? How does modernization relate to transformation? Do I really need a Digital Transformation Strategy? How Does Digital Transformation apply to my organization? How do we transition? How do traditional IT services fit into Digital Transformation and Services?

PORTAL provides advisory, assessment, management and delivery of Digital Transformation Services.